Test Post for verision 2.7

TEST!!! Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C

This seem to be working well now, except possibly NAVT and TinyMCE. Had trouble posting NAVT.

Love the new WordPress Admin area. Word count is especially welcome when posting. “Revisions” feature is absolutely fantastic! Letting you go back and compare saved versions is really nice.

Configuration of toolbar in TinyMCE does not seem to work. Have had issues with that in the past, though. Perhaps it is a configuration problem for me. Could just require a clearing of cache.

Version 2.7 looks good enough to upgrade. Now need to check out the mailing list module.

Need to MAKE SURE not to edit NAVT menus until the 2.7-compatible version comes out. Editing menus with the incompatible version blows away the old menus. Will backup menus before upgrading and after upgrading, just in case.

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